For countless centuries, gifted and courageous individuals fought to demystify misunderstandings of unscripted spirituality to make healing accessible to those seeking it. Paying homage to this barrier-breaking work are intuitive light workers Luna and Lola, two vibrantly well-rounded fearless femmes with wholesome, down to Earth personalities born with the gifts of light casting, healing, clairvoyance. Trained by their indigenous maternal grandmothers through the way of Navajo, Mayan and Aztec traditions and medicine along with an impeccable faith each sister possesses a unique gift that parlays into their services of tarot card reading, medium consultation, candle therapy, and potions. As purveyors of spirituality, Luna is a light caster and a master of tarot reading while Lola is an intuitive reader with flaring abilities to heal. For many years they have advised and healed clients from all walks of life and have decided to open their esoteric boutique business to the public. As practitioners of candle magic and positive vibrations, their unwavering mission is to help clients live clear, concise, and fulfilling lives.

Blessing, Love and Light

Luna & Lola