New Beginings

Hello dearly beloved, WELCOME!  We are super EXCITED and THRILLED to officially launch Luna Sisters.  It has been a long journey for us, we are two sisters Luna and Lola who are light casters we each have unique set of gifts and collectively work together to help others heal. Essentially, we are granddaughters of the Moon for she is a our Grandmother "Abuela".  After several years of working with clients in our private practice we have decided to make our practice public.  Our main goal is to help heal many more people this way and continue to spread light.  We invite you to check out our site, see what we are about, and how we can help you.

How our site works:

Our Blog serves as a way to share information, interviews, moon phases, rituals and other fun stuff.  Our Service feature, if you are new to us we have a great way to start your journey with us by scheduling a New Moon session.  It is a one hour session with Luna.  We also offer other sessions to help you continue your journey of healing.  In addition, to our services we also have daily Oracle readings on Periscope and Instagram so make sure you are following us on our social media feeds.

We love to hear from you, drop us note.

Luna & Lola